Dear Parents!

Children are the most precious, the most valuable, that every person has. And, of course, parents want to give the child all the best, make his life brighter, lay the foundation of his future. So I want the kid after school to go to the pool, and tomorrow the training in the school of the Olympic reserve.

But, unfortunately, in the turmoil of the daily life of a busy father and an equally tired mother, there is often no time to carry the child around the traffic jams to the section and back. Do not deprive yourself and your baby of pleasure! We suggest that you take care of your son or daughter, or even both of them together! The auto-nanny will meet and accompany your child to the kindergarten, to school, to training. We only have experienced drivers with more than 5 years of driving experience.



All our cars are regularly serviced. The machines of the company "NASCAR Transport Services Company" are equipped with children's car seats or boosters, which ensures the safety of your child on the road. With each family a contract for the transportation of the child is concluded, the route is discussed, the cost of the route is calculated individually, one driver is assigned. Payment is possible both for cash and non-cash payment and is made on a fact once a week, or once a month. All the wishes of the parents are taken into account. It is possible to conclude collective agreements, if the routes coincide.


Important Note:
▪ To clarify the current offer, please contact with Customer Support.


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